XDD Practice Guide on “eDiscovery Investigations”

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The majority of eDiscovery work takes place in the context of litigation, but a significant amount of it takes place instead in the context of investigations. Investigations share most of the same eDiscovery challenges as litigation, but investigations also entail added challenges.

Investigations can have even shorter timelines than litigation, and they can require working around bad actors who might intentionally obfuscate or even spoliate, making swift, careful action essential. As Sherlock Holmes says:“The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!”

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In this free practice guide, XDD Director of Education and Content Marketing Matthew Verga, JD, discusses eDiscovery investigation issues, including:

  • The need for speed and secrecy
  • The challenges of nuanced analysis and review
  • The importance of preparing for later litigation
  • Challenges created by modern technology

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What You’ll Learn
  • Evaluating and improving readiness
  • Evaluating needs and resources
  • Insourcing, outsourcing, and service models
  • Evaluating potential service providers
  • Management metrics to track
  • Ongoing program maintenance and improvement
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Xact Data Discovery (XDD) is a leading international provider of eDiscovery, data management and managedreview services for law firms and corporations.XDD helps clients optimize their eDiscovery matters by orchestrating pristine communication between people, processes, technology and data. XDD services include forensics, eDiscovery processing,Relativityhosting and managed review.
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