Yohai West, Cellebrite: 3 Ways Accessing Mobile Device Data Is Key to Border Security

Extract from Yohai West’s article “3 Ways Accessing Mobile Device Data Is Key to Border Security”

One of the greatest challenges facing border agents around the world is accessing data swiftly at checkpoints to determine whether those wishing to cross into another country are good to go or pose a potential threat. Typically, a border agent may only have a few seconds to verify:

Who the person is?
Are they really who they say they are?
Do they pose a threat?

Complicating this problem is that in many areas, those wishing to cross may not have any documentation. (Greece’s border challenges with the large influx of refugees arriving daily from Africa comes immediately to mind). Many, however, are carrying a mobile device and the data that’s stored there can be key to identifying criminals and keeping borders secure.

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