Zapproved: 33 Actionable Steps To Creating a Litigation Response Plan

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Extract from Zapproved’s article “33 Actionable Steps To Creating a Litigation Response Plan”

Why Does a Litigation Response Plan Matter?

Without a clear, strategic litigation readiness plan, you run more than the risk of scrambling in a panic to react to a litigation threat. You risk losing evidence in that mad rush, resulting in monetary and evidentiary spoliation sanctions that can hinder your case — and decimate your budget.

The legal department may spearhead the company’s litigation response plan, but success is dependent upon keeping track of custodians and ensuring their collaboration. Every potential data custodian at your organization — from a receptionist to the CEO — needs to be ready to acknowledge and comply with legal holds when litigation is anticipated. Given that, it’s crucial for legal to educate, prepare, and support employees in their data preservation obligations.

1. Build Your Plan

By developing a strong plan and consistently executing on it, you can dramatically improve your litigation outcomes, while reducing expenses and accelerating resolution timelines. You’ll save time and money while lowering your risks and diminishing stress and concern across your entire organization.

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