Zapproved: Want to Create Value? Start with Ediscovery Costs

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Extract from Zapproved’s article “Want to Create Value? Start with Ediscovery Costs”

Great ediscovery ensures companies can make fast, effective decisions about potential litigation, which in turn saves millions of dollars and hundreds of hours that are applied to investment, innovation, and strategic planning.

So why is ediscovery so often seen as a necessary evil—or even worse, a dreaded “cost center”—instead of a value creator? 

For you practical, clear-headed ediscovery veterans out there, this distinction might seem semantic or rhetorical. After all, ediscovery is essential (and legally mandated) no matter what we call it. But when the threat of a recession creates budgetary caution, it’s the cost centers that see cuts—not value creators. That can mean:

  • Fewer resources, longer hours, tighter deadlines, and greater stress
  • Greater possibility of errors and potentially worse litigation outcomes
  • Lack of engagement from other business partners, leading to challenges with legal holds, preservation, and collection
  • Greater reliance on outside counsel for processing and review, leading to higher costs

To think and communicate in terms of value, you must first have a clear understanding of ediscovery costs. Here’s a rundown of those costs, along with a few suggestions on how to control them. 

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