Zapproved: What is Data Mapping for Ediscovery?

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Extract from Zapproved’s article “What is Data Mapping for Ediscovery?”

Data mapping is the process of creating a comprehensive inventory of an organization’s data. Data maps for ediscovery generally include the following:

  • What types and formats of data the organization generates, uses, and stores
  • Where that data is stored
  • Who is in charge of that data
  • When it should be archived or deleted

Despite the name, a data map need not be a graphical representation of data. A simple list or a spreadsheet is often more useful.

Why is Data Mapping Important for Ediscovery?

Data mapping is critical for ediscovery because awareness that information exists is a predicate to any downstream ediscovery process. Simply put, an organization cannot preserve, collect, process, review, or produce information unless it is aware that it has that data. Knowing what data exists, where it is, and what custodians manage it is therefore a key first step in information governance and litigation readiness.

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