2021 Canadian E-Discovery Salary Report

In the fall of 2021, the Toronto and Vancouver chapters of ACEDS conducted a survey of e-discovery professionals to gain insight into salary and compensation trends across Canada. Information was solicited from lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals through a web-based survey.

The purpose of the survey is to gather information that allows us to better understand overall compensation across geographic location, based on experience, level of education and industry related certifications, skillsets, and type of employer. The resulting report will show job titles, location, type of employer, experience, and education to enable the reader to understand the range of compensation for e-discovery professionals across Canada.

“I think the survey looks phenomenal – it’s easy to read, concise, and includes excellent definitions of the various positions for reference. I’m impressed!”

Our goal is to assist hiring managers, employees, and job candidates in making informed decisions by understanding baseline job duties and required skillsets for several jobs in e-discovery, along with compensation ranges and trends in education, skills and certifications.

The ACEDS Toronto and Vancouver chapters intend to conduct this survey annually to track the growth and maturity of the e-discovery profession in Canada, with the expectation that job titles, descriptions and salaries come closer into alignment across the country.

Thank you to everyone who took time to contribute by responding to the survey! This would not be possible without your continued support.