Abdeslam Afras, AccessData: The Components of a Great Security Awareness Training Program

Extract from Abdeslam Afras’ article “The Components of a Great Security Awareness Training Program”

Over the course of this year, and especially with the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most-heard topics is Cybersecurity training for your employees. While this is necessary, it can actually be hard to accomplish.

For example, during the training you have to keep your employees engaged and motivated to pay attention. And, you want them to be able to foster a reasonably strong level of cyber hygiene after they have been trained.

The bottom line is that if you lose your employees’ interest in the training, they will also be much less motivated to help you protect your digital assets. In this article, we examine some of the key components that make an “awe-inspiring” cyber training program.

The Components
In order for your employees to remember and put into action what they have learned, it takes a combination of making the training scary, fun, exciting, competitive, etc.

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