H5: Legal Process Outsourcing: Has COVID-19 Changed Anything?

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Extract from H5’s article “Legal Process Outsourcing: Has COVID-19 Changed Anything?”

Within the enterprise, in-house legal departments are bearing much of the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to disruption in their own workflows, these teams are now having to manage unplanned legal work remotely and address a variety of exacerbated risks related to litigation, investigations, privacy, security, and employee behavior and safety — you name it, all while having to consider the ramifications of a recessive economy and an uncertain recovery.

In truth, the need to do more with less has been has been the story for in-house legal teams for quite some time – well before the pandemic began. In EY Law’s 2019 Reimagining the Legal Function Report, 89% of North American respondents noted they were going through a large or moderate increase in demand for management information while at the same time planning to reduce legal function costs by an average of 13%.

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