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ACEDS and Rampiva Announce Emerging Partnership

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January 18, 2021 – DALLAS The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), the world’s leading organization for training and certification in e-discovery, and part of The BARBRI Group, announces today an emerging partnership with Rampiva, a data automation solution provider.

Rampiva empowers e-discovery professionals to automate the processing of ESI. Their solutions also help detect and respond to fraud, protect consumer data, and makes participation in legal matters more efficient. Through this partnership, ACEDS and the creative innovators at Rampiva will collaborate in developing content and share information with the e-discovery industry that will help educate the legal community on the benefits of automation.

“We are excited to partner with Rampiva Global,” said Michael Quartararo, President of ACEDS. “It’s clear that businesses are looking for new affordable solutions around automation to assist with e-discovery and processing of data. With Rampiva, we’re helping to educate the e-discovery community on needed solutions that further assist in providing business intelligence and data analytics on litigation matters. Rampiva has the expertise in the market and understands the importance of helping the legal community expand their breadth of knowledge,” he added. “We’re thrilled to share this with the ACEDS membership.”

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ACEDS as its newest Emerging Affiliate Partner,” said Daniel Boteanu, CEO & founder, Rampiva. “We are very much looking forward to working with the ACEDS team, its chapter leaders and members to create a deeper awareness of the power of automation for legal. Our partnership with organizations such as ACEDS energizes our work in the industry and reaffirms our commitment to be constantly developing what’s new and at the edge of innovation in legal technology.”

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS), part of leading legal education provider The BARBRI Group, is a global association for professionals working in e-discovery, information governance, compliance, and the broader legal community. ACEDS provides training and certification in e-discovery and related disciplines to corporate legal departments, law firms, the government, service providers and institutions of higher learning. The CEDS certification is recognized around the world and used to verify skills and competence in electronic discovery for organizations and individuals through training, certification, and ongoing education. The CEDS credential is held by legal professionals at the largest Fortune 500 companies, Am Law 200 firms and government agencies. ACEDS has 26 chapters, with locations in major U.S. cities, the UK, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Our goal is to help professionals and organizations reduce the costs and risks associated with e-discovery while helping to improve and verify their skills and advance their careers and overall technology competence in e-discovery and related fields.

About Rampiva
Rampiva is a global data automation software company developing automation, reporting, and business process management software for data processing and review platforms. Through intuitive and powerful products, Rampiva reduces barriers and provides legal teams the insights they require to help reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Rampiva’s legal solutions are a force multiplier and accelerator for eDiscovery and forensics teams around the world, including government regulatory agencies, top advisory and AmLaw 100 firms, and prominent legal service and digital forensics vendors. Learn more at rampiva.com and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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