ACEDS Migrates to New Learning Platform

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On June 6, 2019, ACEDS will move its learning system to Docebo, and its front end website to Wordpress.  The main two benefits of the move will be greater accessibility and multilingual localization possibilities for our rapidly expanding global community.  ACEDS chapter leaders will have enhanced capabilities for event creation and management.  Our team training leads will be able to transfer seats with ease and monitor progress at the touch of a button.  Additional capabilities include social learning, custom learning paths and the ability for our clients and partners to white label their portals.

With any new system cut-over, there may be bumps, and we will be listening for your feedback.  Please email [email protected] with any concerns, or if you need some help to orient.

Thank you to Maribel Rivera, Barb Bennett, CEDS, Annelore van der Lint, CEDS, Suzanne Clark, CEDS, and all of those who traversed our beta site and gave corrections.  Thank you to our internal team:  Peter Bruce, Katie Saylor, Emily Mermell, Brad Sommer, Deja Miller, Nyssa Beech, Kevin Grisales, Michael Terry, CEDS, Kaylee Walstad, CEDS, David Chung, Mark Kaplan, Peter Frey, Stevan Gess, Jon Emerson, Laura Smith, and Brian Haskew.  Thank you to our Docebo implementation team lead by Alan Stewart.


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