Aidan Macnab: Legal Education Company Launching Standardized E-Discovery Certification in Canada

Extract from Aidan Macnab’s article “Legal education company launching standardized e-discovery certification in Canada” from Canadian Lawyer Magazine

The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists is developing an education, training and certification program for Canada and plans to launch the CEDS Canada exam sometime in Q4.

With chapters in Toronto and Vancouver, ACEDS provides training and professional development courses in e-discovery and related disciplines to law firms, legal departments, government and educational institutions. The CEDS Canada certification will be based on Canadian law, legal practice and custom and is currently in its final development stage.

“All documents today are created on a computer,” says Michael Quartararo, ACEDS president. “And because Canada – like the U.S. – has this notion of discovery in legal proceedings and documents need to be exchanged, there needs to be an understanding, a universal way to manage that process.”

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