Reynen Court Releases Version 2.3 and Reports New Milestones

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Latest features target greater platform stability, resilience, and scalability while expanded Solution Store reflects enhanced testing and evaluation of third-party vendors and solutions

Number of products deployed and deployable through the platform is growing steadily

First license agreements between vendors and law firms are being executed using Reynen Court model contracts 

New York City – Amsterdam (August 17, 2021): Reynen Court Inc., the pioneering software company supported by a consortium of twenty of the largest global law firms, today announced the release of version 2.3 of its single platform for legal technology. The company also announced several important milestones in respect of its vendor ecosystem and platform usage.

The version 2.3 release brings to market a number of technical improvements to the core capability of the Reynen Court platform to enable law firms and law departments to safely and efficiently deploy and maintain third-party cloud-based software applications in cloud infrastructure under their own exclusive control.  The most important enhancements are architectural developments that strengthen the stability and resilience of the platform.  Another feature of this release is the introduction of automation providing platform users to fully backup and restore application data from a push of the buttom on the user interface.

The release also includes improvements to Reynen Court’s software, standards and operational processes designed to make more scalable the initial deployment and set-up of the platform, which can run in a legal organization’s on-premises data center or in a virtual private cloud hosted for them by Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. The release also delivers improved tools to help third-party software vendors prepare their solutions to be deployable through the Reynen Court platform.

In the new release, the platform’s Solution Store — the “app store” environment designed to provide buyers of legal technology with a helpful holistic snapshot of the products and vendors available in the market —  has also undergone a major redesign with new features expanding the depth and breadth of content actively curated by Reynen Court.  Notably, the updated Solution Store lays the foundation for sharing the results of a new, significantly expanded application-testing regime. In addition to the security testing conducted by Reynen Court, the results of which are published in the store, deployable products will now undergo a comprehensive battery of Load Testing (monitoring the performance of apps against production like loads,) Burn-in Testing (monitoring apps for extended periods of time in order to detect rare issues,) and Resilience Testing (checking the stability and availability of the apps against failures.) 

“We are very pleased to share the progress our product and engineering team has made in bringing our platform to maturity,” commented Andrew D. Klein, Reynen Court’s founder and CEO.  The ‘bring-cloud-software-to-your-data’ paradigm we are championing can fundamentally change the game for innovation within the industry but also requires us to meet all of the very exacting performance, security and compliance standards required by the largest legal organizations. Our 2.3 release reflects substantial accomplishment and is a testament to the invaluable support we continue to enjoy from the leading law firms collaborating with us.”

“We have also been very busy on-boarding additional application vendors,” added Reynen Court’s Head of Strategy Christian Lang. “Today 142 products are currently participating in the Solution Store or working towards participation pursuant to a signed agreement.  Another 50 or so products are subject of active discussions. Eighteen portable, containerized software applications are already deployable through the Reynen Court platform (i.e., can be deployed to a law firm’s chosen infrastructure behind a security perimeter it controls), while over two dozen additional products are in flight in our formal “Containerization & Deployment” pipeline or preparing to enter that pipeline upon identification of their initial Reynen Court deployment. Most importantly, the early adopters of the platform are energetically accelerating actual usage (deployments) of applications through the platform, with the most advanced users presently running or working to launch up to ten containerized applications.”

“We are also thrilled that, after a year of collaboration with consortium members and select application vendors, we have recently released for actual use Reynen Court’s first set of model contracts: standard form agreements for proof-of-concept application deployments,” continued Mr. Lang. “The model contracts, which parties can adopt completely or modify by negotiating a schedule of exceptions, are aimed at dramatically reducing the time and cost of documenting legal technology deals by enabling parties to work from a pre-agreed set of middle-of-the-road contracting standards. Based on current discussions, we are excited to report that the first such deals using the Reynen Court model terms will be completed shortly.”

Reynen Court licenses its platform to medium to very large sized law firms. In order to maintain complete and exclusive access to firm and client data, most Reynen Court customers deploy the platform to their own infrastructure and then manage the platform and application deployments themselves.  However, Reynen Court recently launched a second go-to-market model whereby, in addition to providing the platform, the company also manages a virtual private cloud and application deployments for the law firm.  Already five major law firms are active in the new full-service program.

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Reynen Court Inc. ( makes it fast, easy and secure for law firms and in-house legal departments to discover, test, adopt and strategically manage Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts and other new technologies. Our platform enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on-premises or within virtual private clouds under their own control — thus giving access to the benefits of modern cloud computing without requiring a sacrifice of security or stability. The platform also takes time and costs out of traditional technology procurement and deployment processes by providing a content rich solution store together with tools and automation for testing and purchasing applications and utilities that drive interoperability between and among other applications as well as with a firm’s primary systems and infrastructure. The platform also enables firms to comprehensively gather and analyze cost and usage metrics to aid in better predictability of IT software and infrastructure maintenance and expenditure. We are supported by a broad consortium of twenty of the largest global law firms. Clifford Chance, Latham & Watkins, Orrick and Nishimura & Asahi are investors in the company.


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