Nick Inglis, IPRO: Better Governance Leads to Smarter eDiscovery

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Extract from Nick Inglis’s article “Better Governance Leads to Smarter eDiscovery”

We’re at a unique inflection point in the information profession as we are starting to see a greater convergence of information-related disciplines. The two drawing nearest are currently eDiscovery and Information Governance (IG).  

For obvious reasons that I’ll draw out in this post – our information environments just work better when eDiscovery and Information Governance are aligned. 

With the advancement of technology, we’re at a point that eDiscovery professionals now have at their disposal a new generation of technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, active learning, and more. In addition to new technologies, there is a philosophical shift to change how we do eDiscovery.  

Historically, we would gather any information that might be related to our case, then we cull down that large pool of information into the data that’s truly relevant to the case. Today, with our technological capabilities, we can simply focus on relevance – skipping massive collections and merely finding the needles in the proverbial haystack.  

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