Alison Clarke, OpenText: What is Cloud Content Management?

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Extract from Alison Clarke’s article “What is cloud content management?”

The first versions of content management were all about control and risk minimization. They primarily revolved around the needs of records management and legal departments. Little thought was put into the experience of the knowledge workers who created and filed the actual content. These platforms didn’t aid in productivity or efficiency. They required extra labor, and, as a result, users often found ways not to use them.

Times have changed. A new generation of content services platforms and applications are based on the concept that information has ongoing use and value in workflows and processes. Content and data need to be readily available to drive a dynamic enterprise, not languish in isolated silos and vaults.

These changing business needs have inspired content services applications that enable seamless storage, retrieval and distribution of information—while still ensuring governance best practices are applied. Automation and AI have replaced manual filing and searching. The end-user experience is now effortless and unobtrusive. Content and data can be automatically captured and surfaced where needed with no manual intervention. User adoption is no longer an issue.

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