Avansic: How to Embrace Software or Technology Platform Change

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Extract from Avansic’s article “How to Embrace Software or Technology Platform Change”

Change is constant, and switching away from technology you already know is challenging. Think about the last time you got a new phone or laptop. There are days of frustration updating passwords, hitting the wrong app icon because it’s in a different place, or being unable to easily find the ‘share’ button or one of your files.

Change happens – whether it’s because you dropped your phone in the pool or because the software you’ve used ‘forever’ is being sunsetted. While you don’t always accept change willingly, it does happen, and determining the best way to handle change – in advance – sets you up for the most possible success.

Factors to Success

Change is most effective when there is a balanced and thoughtful blend of communication, planning, and establishing appropriate expectations. Possibly the most important aspect – and the most overlooked – is adapting workflows, processes, and protocols that embed changes as the new standard in company practices. In an industry (like legal) notorious for resistance to change, this can be the key factor that makes or breaks the implementation of new technology.

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