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Celebrating Convention 108 and the Significance of Data Privacy Week

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Data Privacy Week is a momentous occasion worldwide, taking place this year from January 22, 2023 through January 28, 2023 and commemorating January 28, 1981, signing of Convention 108. This landmark signing marked a significant milestone in the history of data privacy, as it established a more straightforward legal framework for protecting privacy and personal data. Convention 108 is the first legally binding international agreement on data privacy.

As a result of the signing of Convention 108, countries worldwide began to create and implement more robust, more comprehensive data privacy regulations. These regulations have become increasingly important as the data collection and storage volume has grown exponentially. Data privacy is now a critical issue for individuals, businesses, and governments alike, as it affects all aspects of our lives, from our online activities to how companies manage customer data.

At the same time, the advancement of technology has enabled organizations to capture and store vast amounts of data, leading to the need for new and effective ways to manage this data. The emergence of eDiscovery has been one of the most significant developments in this area, as it provides organizations with the tools and processes necessary to effectively store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data.

eDiscovery and data privacy are closely related and often overlap in processes. Both involve the collection and use of data, but they differ in how they approach it. eDiscovery consists of collecting, preserving, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (ESI). At the same time, data privacy focuses on protecting the privacy of individuals and the data they provide to organizations.

eDiscovery focuses on the efficient management of data. In contrast, data privacy focuses on protecting the data and the privacy of the individuals whose data is collected. eDiscovery focuses on efficient organization and data analysis, while data privacy focuses on the security and confidentiality of the data. eDiscovery and data privacy also overlap in processes, such as encryption, authentication, and auditing, to ensure the safety of the data.

The signing of Convention 108 marked a significant milestone in the history of data privacy, and we cannot overstate its importance. Data Privacy Week is an excellent opportunity to reflect on this agreement’s significance and consider the importance of data privacy and eDiscovery in our lives. eDiscovery and data privacy are closely related, and understanding their relationship is essential for organizations to effectively and securely manage large amounts of data.

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Maribel Rivera
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS
As Vice President of Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS, Maribel is responsible for local chapter, membership, event management, and strategic partner engagement. A seasoned professional who has helped brands and businesses connect with their audiences and achieve their goals, her breadth of experience, strategic and creative abilities unlock innovation and bring business ideas to life. Prior to ACEDS, she consulted for a variety of private clients in technology, education, and recruiting, crafting and leading marketing and operations solutions for small and mid-sized companies. She also worked as director of sales operations for Fronteo USA Inc. An active member of Women in eDiscovery and ARMA Metro NYC, she also devotes time to charitable work. She speaks regularly on marketing and diversity and inclusion. When she isn’t working, Maribel enjoys traveling, reading, education and working out. Reach her at [email protected].
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS

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