BIA: Why Everyone Needs an eDiscovery Preferred Provider List

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Extract from BIA’s article “Why Everyone Needs an eDiscovery Preferred Provider List”

Big or small, if your company faces litigation, you need an eDiscovery preferred provider list.

An eDiscovery preferred provider list is not only for large corporations. Any company, regardless of size, faces litigation risk. The time to select a preferred provider is not when you face a legal disaster, but rather right now, before a crisis occurs.

eDiscovery can be a disruptive, expensive, and time-consuming process, especially when you haven’t prepared and established a relationship and clear workflow process with a preferred provider in advance. If you are unprepared for eDiscovery when a lawsuit strikes, you will face higher costs, substantial business interruptions, and avoidable anxiety and stress across your teams.

Desperately vetting and selecting an eDiscovery provider after a legal event occurs significantly reduces your ability to fully vet potential providers. It also takes up critical time and resources that you should be spending on data identification, preservation and collection efforts. Your company and legal team need those resources to meet critical early discovery requirements and deadlines.

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