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Collaboration Data Benchmarking Survey Now Open

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ACEDS and Hanzo have partnered once again to survey the market on the use of collaboration data for discovery and litigation.

In our first Annual Benchmark Report, we established the increasing importance of collaboration tools for corporate communications. We expected this trend to increase based on 55% of respondents noting they would become more reliant on collaborations tools. We also noted from the survey results that only 41% of respondents acknowledged they didn’t have a significant need to respond due to lack of requests for collaboration data.

Since we last surveyed the market, we know through various discussions, webinars, and events that more and more businesses are relying on collaboration tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc., especially now as an increasing number of companies continue to implement a hybrid workforce. We also know from our Case of the Week livestream events with Kelly Twigger the increased need for including collaboration data as well as social media and IoT data as part of an ESI protocol.

Given these factors, we want to know how businesses are rethinking their use of collaboration tools and how they use data for compliance and e-discovery.

We’ve created a short, multiple-choice, and anonymized survey that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Click here to take the survey.

Results from the survey will be shared via an ACEDS webinar sponsored by Hanzo and as a downloadable report from Affiliate News on our website.

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Maribel Rivera
VP, Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS
As Vice President of Strategy and Client Engagement at ACEDS, Maribel is responsible for local chapter, membership, event management, and strategic partner engagement. A seasoned professional who has helped brands and businesses connect with their audiences and achieve their goals, her breadth of experience, strategic and creative abilities unlock innovation and bring business ideas to life. Prior to ACEDS, she consulted for a variety of private clients in technology, education, and recruiting, crafting and leading marketing and operations solutions for small and mid-sized companies. She also worked as director of sales operations for Fronteo USA Inc. An active member of Women in eDiscovery and ARMA Metro NYC, she also devotes time to charitable work. She speaks regularly on marketing and diversity and inclusion. When she isn’t working, Maribel enjoys traveling, reading, education and working out. Reach her at [email protected].

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