Blair Heidenreich, Relativity: The Visual Theme of Relativity Fest 2021

Extract from Blair Heidenreich’s article “The Visual Theme of Relativity Fest 2021”

2020 was a paradigm-shifting year like no other in recent memory. In our first ever virtual Relativity Fest, we focused on connecting in new ways, leading through difficult times, and moving forward (“Hey look, that was the 2020 theme!”) to look toward the future.

In 2021, we proceed forward with newfound clarity, resilience, and confidence. And in a world that remains ever-changing and complex, being the agents of the change we wish to see in the world looms large in all of our minds.

But how do we spark change, forge new connections, and derive transformational insights? Well, that starts with a catalyst—and that’s our theme for Relativity Fest 2021.

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