Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Here’s an Upcoming VR Conference That’s a Whole New World – InfoGov World!

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Here’s an Upcoming VR Conference That’s a Whole New World – InfoGov World!”

It’s less than two weeks away and you don’t even have to leave your home office!  The InfoGov World Expo and Conference, hosted by IG World Magazine, will be conducted September 14th through 17th and it’s not like other virtual conferences.  This one will be in 3D virtual reality (VR)!  And I’ll be speaking!

It’s the world’s first global Information Governance (IG) conference, trade show, training, and job fair event to be held in 3D virtual reality, using the same VirBELA virtual reality environment that EDRM has used for its virtual events over the past year. The event will begin with two days of IG training sessions, followed by two days of interactive conference sessions in 3D VR, and concluding with a job fair. Uniquely, the conference will last 12 hours each day (6am-6pm ET; 12 noon to Midnight CET), covering time zones on both sides of the Atlantic. So multi-national companies may send attendees from around the world to participate in the conference sessions.  It’s not “InfoGov National”, it’s InfoGov World!  

Key topics in the conference sessions include data protection & privacy, eDiscovery, data governance, cybersecurity, infonomics and data monetization, content services, and more.  The full conference schedule is available here and the list of available speakers is here.

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