Cassandre Coyer: Everlaw Offers Free Gen AI Access Through ‘Everlaw for Good’ Program

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Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Everlaw Offers Free Gen AI Access Through ‘Everlaw for Good’ Program”

Since the first generative artificial intelligence-powered legal tech products hit the market, parallel efforts to ensure the technology would help expand access to justice have emerged from law schools and vendors alike.

The latest to do so is Everlaw, which announced on May 9 that it expanded its Everlaw for Good program to include its generative AI features, in a move to increase the number of cases supported by the program by 60% before the end of the year.

“If you think about all the ways you could try to address the [justice] gap, there are many ways that we can’t control as a company,” AJ Shankar, founder and CEO at Everlaw, told Legaltech News. “There are systemic issues, and it’s super complicated, but we can build the technology that can help facilitate some of this. And I think it’s actually really important to think about technology as a tool. Because you can imagine a world where, if it’s hard to access critical technology, then it can widen the access-the-justice gap.”

The program provides unlimited access to the Everlaw platform, including, now, its generative AI offering Everlaw AI Assistant, which is currently available in beta for select paying customers and is slated to be released for general availability some time this year. All tools accessed through the Everlaw for Good program are offered free of charge up to “a monthly cap,” with discounted rates for larger matters.

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