Oliver Silva, Casepoint: How to Take a Cautious Approach to Embracing Generative AI

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Extract from Oliver Silva’s article “How to Take a Cautious Approach to Embracing Generative AI”

There are many stories out there about the amazing things that organizations can already do with generative AI technology. But for every success story, such as the one about GPT-4 passing the bar exam in the 90th percentile, there is a hallucination story such as the Mata v. Avianca case, where the lawyers issued a filing with fake ChatGPT-generated case citations.

We have so much to learn about generative AI technology, yet, while we’re trying to learn about it, the technology is continually changing and evolving. Things are moving so fast that we don’t know what new features to expect and whether they could lead to other potential challenges. As the stakes are higher than ever, corporations must be cautious when it comes to building workflows and processes around current iterations of generative AI, when the risks of those current iterations aren’t fully understood and when newer iterations and solutions may come along at any time that could change the game dramatically.

Are you prepared for the wild ride associated with generative AI’s rapid evolution? In this post, we’ll look at why it pays to be careful when it comes to innovative solutions such as generative AI, and how your organization can implement a cautious approach to generative AI that balances the potential for innovation and growth with the need to remain flexible and effectively manage risks.

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