Cassandre Coyer: Is There a Career After E-Discovery? For Today’s Experts, It’s Likely

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Is There a Career After E-Discovery? For Today’s Experts, It’s Likely”

There may have been a time when e-discovery was just one of the many steps of the litigation process, stuck neatly between pleading filings and pre-trial meetings.

But as the volume of information involved in litigation exploded in recent years, e-discovery professionals have started wearing many hats, including those of the go-to translators between the law and technology fields.

Now, many are starting to see e-discovery as an entry into other areas of the legal industry, including cybersecurity, data privacy or legal operations, among others.

Below, industry experts discussed four strategies for e-discovery professionals to leverage their experience to advance their careers into other fields during “The E-Discovery Gateway: A Discussion About Leveraging E-Discovery for Career Advancement, Collaboration, and Showcasing Business Acumen” Oct. 20 webinar from ACEDS

1. Look at AI, And ‘Anything Left of the EDRM’ for Opportunities

While the legal industry has been working to adapt to generative artificial intelligence, e-discovery professionals have worked alongside AI for many years—putting them in a key position in the job market for so-called AI experts.

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