Isha Marathe: 3 Generative AI Impacts E-Discovery Professionals Are Watching Closely

Extract from Isha Marathe’s article “3 Generative AI Impacts E-Discovery Professionals Are Watching Closely”

As the legal industry works to understand the impact of generative artificial intelligence on their particular sectors, it is finding a handful of aspects may likely change, while others could stay the same.

This is especially true for e-discovery professionals, who are likely to deal with the technology in various ways—as evidence, as a tool to power discovery, and considerations in disputes.

Below are three potential generative AI impacts that e-discovery professionals are keeping an eye on.

Will Generative AI Reduce or Increase E-Discovery Costs?

Few aspects of any new technology are as important as its price tag. While many in the e-discovery industry believe generative AI is capable of automating time-consuming tasks and adding value to the sector, experts are split on whether this is enough to stomach the technology’s upfront cost.

For instance, Sidley Austin’s counsel of data analytics and discovery, Matt Jackson, believes that generative AI’s upfront cost is far too high to justify its use for many of their clients.

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