Cassandre Coyer: Law Firms Don’t Need Full-Fledged Consultancies to Meet In-House Tech Needs

Extract from Cassandre Coyer’s article “Law Firms Don’t Need Full-Fledged Consultancies to Meet In-House Tech Needs”

By now, both legal departments and law firms have taken steps to automate their processes, embrace innovation and leverage data analytics. Yet, it seems the two aren’t always on the same page when it comes to their relationship with legal technology.

A recent survey showed that while law departments increasingly want to work with firms that can advise them on their legal technology capabilities, only few are meeting in-house counsel’s expectations.

Still, while firms aren’t traditional legal tech consultants, more are starting to focus on meeting legal departments’ tech needs. And many can do so without launching a full fledged consultancy.

To be sure, the growing demand for legal tech advice was evident in Wolters Kluwer’s new Future Ready Lawyer Survey 2022.

The report found that about 84% of law departments say that firms’ ability to help with their legal technology selection and implementation is important when picking a firm. However, only 40% said that currently describes the firms they work with well.

Of course, in recent years, more firms have jumped at the opportunity to help legal departments with their legal tech needs by building their own consulting units.

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