Cat Casey, Reveal: 10 Pieces of Legal Tech to be Thankful For!

Extract from Cat Casey’s article “10 Pieces of Legal Tech to be Thankful For!”

The term Luddite is often thrown around when people discuss the legal profession. But the industry is brimming with technology that helps lawyers practice law. Lawyers today have far more technology in their toolbox than most realize. As we head into Thanksgiving week, here is a look at ten pieces of Legal Tech we should all be thankful for!

Show me the Money

Electronic Timekeeping & eBilling

Few things in life are as downright unpleasant as getting to the end of the month and trying to reconstruct time spent on legal tasks for billing. This unpleasant task is not only a headache at law firms, because corporate legal departments are now tracking time to better optimize.

Legal teams are benefiting from replacing manual billing with electronic timekeeping and eBilling. This tech helps practices and legal providers create more accurate bills with less likelihood of being rejected. When the practice of law is ruled by the tenth of an hour, the improved accuracy and efficiency offered by electronic timekeeping and eBilling is a major game-changer. With some AmLaw 100 Law firms charging north of $1,000/hour for Associates, recapturing as little as a tenth of an hour a day can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per Associate.

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