Exterro: What Are Your E-Discovery Day Plans?

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Extract from Tim Rollins’s article “What Are Your E-Discovery Day Plans?”

E-Discovery Day 2021 on December 3rd is getting really close, and we’re excited to share more details on the events Exterro and our partner organizations, ACEDS, ARMA, and EDRM, have planned for you. We’ve not only got three great educational webinars planned, but also two fun trivia contests with great prizes for the winners! If you want to see everything at once, head on over to the E-Discovery Day website, or continue reading to learn a little bit more about all the great events.

E-Discovery Educational Events

A Post COVID E-Discovery World? Experts Predict Key E-Discovery Trends For 2022

Start your E-Discovery Day off right with an optimistic look at the world of e-discovery in 2022 in this hour-long webcast at 11:30 am EDT/8:30 am PDT. Hopefully, 2022 will be a fresh start in multiple ways for e-discovery professionals. Learn from an all-star panel of e-discovery experts on what key issues they are keeping their eyes on and how that may affect your e-discovery process.

Judges Roundtable: 10 E-Discovery Tips for 2022

Continue the day’s educational events with the always-favorite judges panel, convening highly respected judges in the world of e-discovery. Starting at 1:30 pm EDT/10:30 am PDT, join us for an hour if you’re curious on what tips judges would give you on your e-discovery process? In this webcast, learn from a panel of prominent judges on what 10 tips they would give e-discovery professionals based on case law from this year.

Your 2022 E-Discovery Toolkit: What Needs to Be in It?

Don’t miss out on this deep dive into e-discovery technology at 5 pm EDT/2 pm PDT. After all, e-discovery and technology go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. Without technology, managing e-discovery is a nearly impossible feat.

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