Catherine “Cat” A. Casey: What Does the Zoom Boom Mean for E-Discovery?

Extract from Catherine “Cat” A. Casey’s article “What Does the Zoom Boom Mean for E-Discovery?”

The work from home (WFH) revolution is impacting every aspect of professional life. In a matter of days or weeks, businesses from mom and pop to multinational corporations had to pivot from predominantly on-site to completely remote workforces.

While it was not without some hiccups, the shift of the global workforce has spawned innovative and transformative approaches to staying connected and effective while social distancing. Despite the fact that WFH was brand new for nearly 42% of American workers, innovative and legacy technology has rapidly been adopted to bridge the virtual gap.

An aspect of this shift to remote work that has been less discussed is the impact remote working has had on tools and methods of communication—and what that means for discovery of digital evidence. Email and in-person meetings have been supplanted by collaboration tools and videoconferencing tools with chat functions all rife with potentially relevant information for the deluge of cases facing practitioners.

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