Doug Austin: Five Considerations for Custodian Readiness Interviews in 2020, Part One

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Five Considerations for Custodian Readiness Interviews in 2020, Part One: Information Governance Best Practices”

As part of the Educational partnership between Ipro and eDiscovery Today that was announced recently, I’m excited to say that I will be writing a new weekly blog post for Ipro’s blog, to supplement the excellent educational content that Jim Gill and the Ipro team regularly provide!  Just like I do on eDiscovery Today, I will write educational posts about a variety of topics related to eDiscovery, cybersecurity and data privacy.

Today’s weekly blog post for Ipro’s blog starts a new two part series on considerations for custodian readiness interviews.  A few weeks ago, I discussed Three Components to Assessing Your Organization’s eDiscovery Readiness from the Ground Up.  One of those components was conducting interviews of key personnel, which included interviews with at least one or two key representatives of the legal department, IT and records management departments. 

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