Chris Dale interviews Judge Andrew Peck (ret).

Extract from Chris Dale’s “Interview: Andrew Peck of DLA Piper on cross-border discovery and technology-assisted review”

I have been interviewing former Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck for several years now, and doing panels with him for even longer. Now retired from the bench, he is senior counsel with DLA Piper. I took the opportunity to interview him at Relativity Fest, where he was one of the participants in the judicial panel.

Andrew Peck’s role now is mainly advising lawyers at DLA Piper on discovery matters (not just “eDiscovery”, as he carefully points out). He advises also on litigation strategy, and on what will or won’t be persuasive to a judge. He is also there to do mediation, arbitration and, if a judge so decides, to act as a special master, especially on discovery matters. He is, I was pleased to hear, to continue on the speaker circuit which he has graced eloquently for so long.

Listen to the full interview here