Alyson Carrel on the Delta Model Lawyer via Cat Moon

Extract from Alyson Carrel’s article “Delta Competency Model”

What is the Delta Model?

 The Delta Model is a new competency model for the 21st-century legal professional. The Delta Model consists of three competency areas crucial to the success of today’s legal professional: The Law, Business & Operations, and Personal Effectiveness Skills. This model recognizes that 21st century lawyers must start with a base of deep legal knowledge and skills.  Building off the notion of a T-shaped Lawyer, lawyers also must understand the impact of technology on their client’s business as well as their own delivery of legal services—appreciating the power of data, technology , and process improvement. But with the increasing reliance and utilization of technology and machine learning, lawyers also must encompass the emotional intelligence and communication skills to effectively work with clients.

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