Lori Tyler: New Version of AccessData’s Quin-C Software Features Enhanced Automation Tools

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New Version of AccessData’s Quin-C Software
Features Enhanced Automation Tools for Legal Teams
Next-generation investigative solution now features
and tabbed production to increase efficiency for legal teams

Lindon, Utah – March 18, 2019 – AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, has released a new version of Quin-C, its pioneering investigative solution, with built-in automation tools that enable legal teams to work faster throughout the legal investigation workflow.

“At AccessData, we believe that digital investigation products should also be developed in a way that helps legal professionals to conduct coherent case analysis,” said Arvind Chigurala, vice president of development at AccessData. “The new auto-redaction feature built into the latest release of our product makes it possible for users to obscure or replace any number of words contained within a document or across an entire case file. This automation capability will be a tremendous time-saver for legal teams who are often required to redact sensitive information, such as names of witnesses, social security numbers or phone numbers.”

Quin-C is an innovative and customizable HTML5-based technology offering that supports and guides the unique workflows of law enforcement, government agencies, law firms, corporations, forensic labs and service providers of all sizes. The newly released version empowers legal team members with the tools to conduct more efficient review and analysis of vast document sets, delivering results that are transparent and legally defensible.

“This new version of Quin-C offers a variety of tools that lawyers and legal service providers can employ to establish workflows, automate tasks, collaborate with other team members, and exercise greater control over the processing and review of relevant data,” said Chigurala.

For Law Firms/Litigation Teams

In addition to the powerful auto-redaction feature, new Quin-C features developed specifically for law firm users include:

  • Tabbed production — users can now attach tabbed productions to a document, rather than the manual process of adding more documents to a case.
  • Custom slip sheets — developed at the request of law firm customers, users can now create slip sheets within Quin-C and automatically replace pages in a document or across a case.
  • Expanded Bates searching — users can now search on any Bates number from within Quin-C and surface the specific document page they are seeking.
  • Case-level dashboards — legal team members can now instantly view targeted, detailed data on cases, jobs and user activity with Quin-C’s new system- and case-level dashboards.

For Legal Service Providers

The new version of Quin-C for legal users also supports important new functionalities for legal service providers, including:

  • The Cloud — Quin-C can now be accessed and operated in the cloud, enabling service providers to harness the full power, speed and reliability of the product while obtaining the cost benefits of a SaaS-based delivery model.
  • Customer billing widget — the new release includes a feature that allows service providers to facilitate customer billing, including the management of users, cases and rates, and to track customer invoices.
  • Relativity support — legal service providers can now conduct seamless, direct export into Relativity as part of their e-discovery processing workflow.

Quin-C is easily configurable, so different users — from non-technical to experts — can operate the technology, maximizing the output of the entire team. To request a free trial of Quin-C, please go to the website.

About AccessData®

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