Colin Houghton, Zapproved: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Electronic Discovery Process

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Extract from Colin Houghton’s article “6 Ways to Optimize Your Electronic Discovery Process”

Whether you’ve already built an efficient electronic discovery process or you’re looking to create one from the ground up, your approach should be an ever-evolving process that takes into consideration new data trends, best practices, compliance regulations, and more. It’s something to be honed and optimized over time, rather than put into place once and never revisited. 

Back in 2019, Zapproved’s Corporate Ediscovery Benchmarking Report found that 54% of organizations say that their top ediscovery priority is streamlining and modernizing operations. We still hear that today. With a process as multi-faceted as ediscovery however, it can be daunting to think of where to start, so we’ve outlined a few ways you can optimize your electronic discovery process today.

The Tried and True Legal Hold
If you’re implementing a new ediscovery process or refining your current approach, the one thing to optimize if you change nothing else, is to implement a modern automated legal hold solution that can easily issue, track, and enforce legal holds. 

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