Jim Gill: Is On-Prem eDiscovery Software Becoming a Thing of the Past?

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Extract from Jim Gill’s article “Is On-Prem eDiscovery Software Becoming a Thing of the Past?”

Not so long ago, one of the big discussions in LegalTech circles was “moving to the cloud.”

Back then — I’m talking the mid-teens, not ancient history — there were a lot of concerns about moving eDiscovery data to what many thought of as a singular, nebulous unknown called “the cloud.”

Things have changed quite a bit in those few short years, with more eDiscovery SaaS offerings on the market, and more corporate legal teams and law firms using hosted solutions. In fact, according to the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for eDiscovery, “In aggregate, the majority of eDiscovery solution deployments are delivered via hosting by a third party.” However, the same report shows that 43% are still using their tried-and-true on-prem solutions. It’s a battle of ideas: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it vs. if you’re only solving today’s problems, you’re behind.

Remote Access
One of the main reasons organizations cite for continuing with an on-prem deployment is the desire for more control over eDiscovery data.

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