Craig Ball: Did You Miss Tom’s Checklist Manifesto?

Extract from Craig Ball’s article “Did You Miss Tom’s Checklist Manifesto?

I don’t often feature the work of others here; but sometimes I come across something that’s just so good, I can’t wait to sing its praises even as I wish it were something I’d written. One such gem is my great friend Tom O’Connor’s E-Discovery Checklist Manifesto. To give credit where due, Jeremy Greer and ACEDS honcho Michael Quartararo are authors as well, and their splendid work was underwritten by software seller, Digital WarRoom. As we all do, the Manifesto owes an acknowledged debt to the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) where much of the same information can be found, but the Checklist Manifesto pulls the essentials together more simply and accessibly without leaving key points behind.

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