Ryan Joyce: Think Upstream When Migrating Your IG and eDiscovery to the Cloud

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Extract from Ryan Joyce’s article “Think Upstream When Migrating Your IG and eDiscovery to the Cloud”

There’s been an evolution in every industry to moving to the cloud. But IG and eDiscovery might just be one of the last to take this leap. 

With most general office data systems–including M365, Slack, G-suite, Confluence, and more–already in a cloud environment, at this point it’s not a question of if, but when more of the legal industry will move these types of software and processes as well.  

There are many challenges and benefits to migrating your IG and eDiscovery to the cloud, which I discussed in a recent edition of the IPRO Morning Show

In this blog summary, I’ll discuss some of them.  

Think upstream with data 
Migrating to the cloud is different for every organization. What works for a small law firm may not work for a large legal department in, say a financial services organization that must save some files differently to adhere to regulatory compliance. 

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