David Carns, Casepoint: How Application Interoperability is Transforming the Legal Hold Process

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Extract from David Carns’s article “How Application Interoperability is Transforming the Legal Hold Process”

At this year’s General Council Summit there were two recurring themes that were top of mind for legal chiefs: What strategies should they pursue in order to reduce their operational costs in an increasingly uncertain economic environment? And what steps could they take to ease the burden of the onerous legal hold and preservation process, a crucial risk management function that extends far beyond the legal department?

While it might seem as though these two topics are distinct from one another, there’s actually quite a bit of overlap between the two.

Even in the best of times, corporate legal departments are often regarded as cost centers and find themselves under constant pressure to reduce headcount and streamline their operations. With a potential economic recession looming, these calls to trim unnecessary spending are only growing louder.

Meanwhile, the way we work has fundamentally changed in the past few years. The global pandemic accelerated the “work-from-anywhere” movement and, in response, organizations have rapidly adopted cloud-based applications and communications platforms to run their business and collaborate with internal stakeholders and external partners.

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