Tim Rollins: The Time Is Now for Law Firms to Optimize Document Review

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Extract from Tim Rollins’s article “The Time Is Now for Law Firms to Optimize Document Review”

This article originally appeared in the December 2022 edition of Today’s General Counsel, authored by Exterro Technology Counsel Don McLaughlin. 

Anyone who has spent time managing e-discovery projects knows document review is the most expensive phase of the process. They also know that just because review is expensive doesn’t mean it’s exciting or glamorous. It’s time-consuming, repetitive work–exactly the type of work that law firms can and should optimize for efficiency and accuracy.

But many law firms have struggled with justifying the investments required to advance their internal business process optimization around document review. Add to that the fact that law firms have traditionally been reluctant to share information about their operations, and you can see why legal professionals lack the insight they need to improve their practices.

That’s no longer the case.

Exterro recently partnered with Today’s General Counsel to survey legal professionals at law firms on their document review practices; the result of that survey is our 2022 Law Firm Benchmarking Report: Trends in Document Review Services. Document review as a service offering is clearly at an inflection point.

Law firms must demonstrate the value they provide with document review services or risk losing out on a growing market. Law firms and ALSPs must recognize the trends making this a critical moment to adapt their practices and remain relevant. Let’s dig into the data to see why..

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