Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: 5 Rules to Inform Legal Technology Selection

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “5 Rules to Inform Legal Technology Selection”

Whether you’re a partner at a law firm, General Counsel at a Corporation, or a leader of legal services within a government agency, you can’t accomplish the goals of your legal team efficiently and effectively without leveraging technology.

But many legal “chiefs” within organizations don’t know what to look for when selecting a technology solution to support their teams – they are experts in managing legal workflows and tasks, not understanding the ins and outs of technology solutions.

While legal leaders within organizations may not understand the technology, there is no avoiding the fact that their involvement in the purchasing process is vital to ensure that technology selection addresses the needs of the organization. Even if they leverage a technical resource to assist with software selection, it’s their teams who need to use the technology to accomplish legal objectives, so their involvement in the selection process is mandatory.

5 Rules to Inform Technology Selection

With that in mind, this blog describes 5 rules legal leaders can use to inform technology selection.

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