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Re-Imagining Information Governance at the MER Conference

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Historically, eDiscovery has wrestled with the challenges of exploding volumes of data, along with the difficulties of wrangling data from wherever it may lie within an organization so that it could be preserved, collected, and presented in litigation.

Who can argue that we are facing even more difficult challenges now as we emerge from the disruptive changes wrought by Covid? Recent studies show that every minute of every day finds 150,000 users sending Slack messages, with 100,000 users connected to Teams. The remote work requirements of the pandemic lockdowns only accelerated an explosion in collaboration technologies that was already underway.

With almost $500 billion expected to be spent on artificial intelligence by 2024, along with investments in extended reality, blockchain, human augmentation, data science and so much more, technology will be transforming commerce, business, and human interaction in ways we could only have dreamed of only a short time ago.

It is time to re-imagine the governance of all of this technology and the data it will create. Do our current constructs, laws and regulations work in this new world? Are they a match for the emerging technologies that will fuel real digital transformation? The MER Conference, scheduled for May 10-12 in Indianapolis, will be digging into this theme with a roster of 50+ speakers and industry thought leaders across 30 sessions. The full agenda can be viewed here:

ACEDS recommends the MER Conference for all eDiscovery legal professionals. Using promo code ACEDS attendees will receive a $450 discount on their in-person registration fee. Attendees who wish to join the virtual portion of the conference can use promo code ACEDSv to receive a $200 discount on their registration fee.

Now is the time to re-think Information Governance, which directly connects with eDiscovery, and it starts at the MER Conference.

Mike Salvarezza on Email
Mike Salvarezza
Vice President, Program Development at MER Conference
As the Vice President, Program Development for the MER Conference, Mike provides key insight and expertise in the areas of Information Governance (IG) and is responsible for creating a relevant and compelling experience at the MER Conference and across all of its delivery platforms, including the MER Sapient Webinar Series, for its attendees and exhibitors. Mike is recognized as an industry expert on Information Governance and his extensive Information Technology background enables him to anticipate emerging IG trends and challenges from a Legal, Technical and Operational perspective.

Mike’s tenured career includes extensive experience in the complementary disciplines of Information Technology, Records and Information Management, Compliance Systems and Culture and Behavior, enabling Mike to succeed in traditionally difficult areas by combining unique perspective and knowledge.

Mike pursues a passion for the marine environment and has travelled to some of the most remote places in the world through his work as an accomplished underwater photographer and recognized speaker.

Mike has a B.A. in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics & Statistics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He currently resides in New York.

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