Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Here’s a Different Way to Take Up the “Slack”: eDiscovery Resources

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Here’s a Different Way to Take Up the “Slack”: eDiscovery Resources”

I started the week covering Craig Ball’s terrific blog post about slack space.  But, thanks to yesterday’s webcast from HaystackID, I learned about a completely different resource for a completely different Slack – the messaging app for collaboration that has become so popular.

Yesterday’s webcast, The Only Thing Constant is Change: An eDiscovery Technology and Tools Update, covered a lot of topics, including the challenges that judges have in enacting legislation to keep up with technology changes.  Ashish Prasad, the VP and GC for HaystackID, noted that technology has emerged so fast that government oversight has not been able to keep up and that enactment of legislation is quickly obsolete, due to the rapid changes in these technologies.

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