Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Hold it Right There – For Real This Time

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Hold it Right There – For Real This Time”

Early in my blogging career, I wrote a cleverly titled (at least I thought so) blog post titled “Hold it Right There”, which discussed the importance of legal holds and best practices for implementing a legal hold. A few years later, I re-issued an updated version of that post on a “Throwback Thursday”, discussing the importance of extending legal holds to other sources of data (like text and other messaging programs) and the benefits of using technology to automate the legal hold notification process.

But compared to today’s world, the blog post title “Hold it Right There” was a misnomer. Back then, we may have identified data for which we needed to apply a legal hold, but many (if not most) organizations still applied the “preserve by collecting” approach to preservation where you collected everything you might need, pushed it downstream and figured it out later. That approach doesn’t work anymore.

The IPRO Morning Show and EARLY EDA

I tuned into the IPRO Morning Show yesterday (available for replay here), with IPRO Director of Information Governance Nick Inglis and Director of E-Discovery Solutions Jeffrey Wolff (who joined IPRO as part of the ZyLAB acquisition last year) to hear them discuss performing early data assessment (EDA) for legal hold and how corporate legal departments can leverage technology to do so earlier in the eDiscovery lifecycle. Their discussion was terrific and it tied into similar points that I made in this IPRO blog post last year.

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