Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: This May Be the Hack of All Hacks

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “This May Be the Hack of All Hacks”

In the movie Men in Black, Rosenburg, a dying Arquilian, tells Jay that the “Arquilian Galaxy is on Orion’s Belt”.  This Orion may have led a galaxy’s worth of organization hacks – more than 425 of the Fortune 500 list of top companies; all of the top 10 telecommunications companies; all five branches of the military; and all of the top five accounting firms as part of 300,000 global customers potentially impacted, which also include UK government agencies and private sector companies.

As Sharon Nelson reports in her excellent blog Ride the Lightning, the the United States Department of Commerce, Treasury, State Department, National Institutes of Health, Homeland Security, and the Pentagon are all included in the list of organizations that have had their networks compromised.

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