George Socha, Reveal: Image Recognition and Classification During Legal Review

Extract from George Socha’s article “Image Recognition and Classification During Legal Review”

This post is about pictures – image recognition and classification, to be specific. First, some context. If it seems my recent string of posts has been all-in on AI, that is right. A common thread running through these posts has been a focus on the practical application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve long-standing eDiscovery challenges.

I started by discussing some of the underlying challenges in eDiscovery Market Trends That Can No Longer Be Ignored and 7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your eDiscovery Solution.

From there, I laid out an AI framework and potential benefits that can accrue from the effective use of AI, first in Legal AI Software: Taking Document Review to the Next LevelAI in the Legal Sector – the Obvious Choice and then in After 15 Years, Has the eDiscovery EDRM Model Been Realized?

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