Elite Discovery

Silver Affiliate

At Elite Discovery, we believe every dollar you spend on eDiscovery should bring value to your corporation or law firm. That philosophy, combined with our client-first focus, has allowed Elite Discovery to lead the industry as one of the most highly awarded Alternative Legal Service Providers today. Since 2001, we have been innovating strategic solutions to any ESI challenge – from basic eDiscovery for litigation to government investigations and high-profile mergers and acquisitions our experts have successfully led the way. Partnering with Elite Discovery allows leaders in both law firms and corporations to have the cost predictability and control they need with world-class security, cutting-edge technology, specific expertise, proven processes and instant scalability eDiscovery requires – so they may focus on key priorities critical to their company’s success.  Our award-winning services include risk management consulting, discovery consulting, forensic data preservation and collection, data analysis and workflow management, secure hosted document review, document coding, managed attorney review, project management support. Our sister company, Elite Deposition Technologies, also offers process service and global court reporting.

Website URL: https://elitediscovery.com/