Epiq: ChatGPT: What’s the fuss? Demystifying Generative AI in Legal


Extract from Epiq’s article “ChatGPT: What’s the fuss? Demystifying Generative AI in Legal”

What’s all the buzz around ChatGPT? This new chatbot, powered by an artificial intelligence (AI)-based language model called GPT-3, has caused a lot of waves lately in our industry. Users can ask questions about anything, and the bot will engage in conversational dialogue with very organized and succinct responses that are often indistinguishable from human-generated output.

GPT-3, from the OpenAI foundation, is part of a family of AI models known as Large Language Models (LLMs). This is an area of research (Generative AI) that is moving quickly, with the recent announcement of GPT-4, and similar LLM’s such as Google’s LaMDA also making the news. How well the ChatGPT bot understands language is remarkable and seems superior to any other LLM currently available to the public, although it is important to understand that it is specialized and trained on a far smaller subset of data than GPT-3 itself. Users of ChatGPT can provide feedback on responses which is used to further tune the application. General ChatGPT usage is currently free during the initial phase with advanced membership options available for a fee.

People are already starting to use ChatGPT to get answers to everyday questions and even for some research purposes.

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