Epiq: Improving Information Governance Outcomes Through Records Management and Security Partnership


Extract from Epiq’s article “Improving Information Governance Outcomes Through Records Management and Security Partnership”

Keeping up with the volume and velocity of information creation, use, storage, security, and disposition in any organization is a challenging proposition.  Period.  Partnership, with active collaboration, across organizational stakeholders is the only way to truly optimize the outcomes of information governance efforts.  While stakeholders such as “the Business” and “Information Technology” are certainly important stakeholders in deciding how information should be governed, there are two stakeholder groups in particular that should be especially close partners – Records Management and Information Security.

Defining Records Management

Records Managers are experts in understanding the kinds of information organizations create and use.  A Records Manager’s mission is to ensure information, of all kinds in all formats and stored in any repository, is effectively identified and classified so it can be managed in such a way as to support the operation while meeting the organization’s legal and regulatory requirements.  

A key concept in modern Records Management is that not every piece of information an organization creates is a “record.”  

A record is any information, in any format, that documents official actions and decisions of the organization related to its operations, finances, and meeting its legal and regulatory obligations.  

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