Justin Smith, Everlaw: Realize the Efficiency of Generative AI with the Latest Releases from Everlaw

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Extract from Justin Smith’s article “Realize the Efficiency of Generative AI with the Latest Releases from Everlaw”

Today’s digital age brings with it conveniences never thought possible: video chatting with your family half a world away, streaming algorithms that know what you want to watch before you do, the ability to order practically anything without ever leaving your couch.

While these might seem like tools constructed solely for consumer satisfaction, the technology behind them is the foundation on which real professional breakthroughs have been built. With each new advancement, legal professionals have realized the potential of AI-powered technology to help them gain more time and resources to dedicate toward the work that will make or break their case.

A paralegal who needs a set of documents translated can turn to machine translation for automated foreign language translation in over 100 languages. An associate who is working through the night on their first big case can use writing assistance as a starting point in formulating a first draft of arguments. A senior partner confronted with millions of documents can utilize clustering to gather valuable insights across millions of documents to find connections between parties and see the big picture amidst a sea of data.

As we continue looking toward the next set of tools that attorneys can incorporate into their practice, the focus on generative AI remains.

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