Everlaw: How Personal Data and Privacy Laws Collide with “Trustworthiness” Scores

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Extract from Everlaw’s article “Balancing Privacy and Security: How Personal Data and Privacy Laws Collide with “Trustworthiness” Scores”

Everlaw’s VP of Security and Compliance Lisa Hawke was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on April 6, 2019 in Christopher Mims’ Keywords column.

In the article “The Secret Trust Scores Companies Use to Judge Us All,” Mims discusses services like Sift that create “trustworthiness” scores, which are used by companies to flag suspicious behavior and help guard against fraud. In compliance and risk management circles, especially in the Bay Area tech industry, account takeovers (ATO) and chargebacksare a common topic of conversation from a security standpoint. But, there are privacy considerations to prevention measures, like the “Sift score” service discussed in the WSJ article. Lisa commented on the difference between EU and US privacy laws, which define personal information differently.

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