Tim Rollins, Exterro: Just How Common Are E-Discovery Mistakes?

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Extract from Tim Rollins’ article “Just How Common Are E-Discovery Mistakes?”

This article reviews some of the valuable conclusions drawn by e-discovery pioneer George Socha in his recent article Exterro and Duke/EDRM Judges Survey 2019 Series: Part 2, Taking Affirmative Action to Address E-Discovery Problems. If you find this summary valuable, make sure to check out the article on ACEDS’ blog! You can find the first article in Exterro’s commentaries on these posts hereGeorge Socha’s part one blog post is available here.

In February, Exterro and EDRM released the results of our 5th annual survey of the federal judiciary. (You can download the full report here, if you haven’t seen it already.) Compared to past years, this year’s report contained a treasure trove of data, as approximately 8 times as many judges responded to the 2019 survey as to the 2018 edition.

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